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by *Emmi*, 138 days ago

Our forums are now only being used for applying to the guild and all current info regarding guild news, boss strategy, and social topics have been moved to our discord channel.  You can find the link to our discord channel in our guild info tab in game. 

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About Fotm

FoTM is a community of members that provide a mature atmosphere and a vast knowledge of all aspects of the game in regards to pvp, pve, and their classes.

We are currently recruiting at this time exceptional players to fill our roster in core and backup positions.  If you feel you have what it takes to perform to the standards of our raid, we encourage you to post an application.

Raid Schedule :
Tuesday-Thursday 8pm-11pm server

If you think you would be a great addition to our guild, please register with our forum using your character's name and follow our application process.

If you have any questions regarding recruitment or guild information, please contact any of our officers in game or by private message. 

Emmi:  Ivey#1200
Evon:   Jonson#1872
Rolanor: Rolanor#1859
Kream:  Tkach#1448
Zgar:    Zgar#1422


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